India Design Challenge 2017


Design Topic # 1

Personal Mobility Solution for Urban Youth - 2025

Samarth is 24 years old freelance financial consultant. He lives in Greater Noida (a relatively new Urban hub in NCR) with his girlfriend.

He is fully aware of latest Global trends but instead of following them he prefers an original lifestyle that suits his local needs.In his free-time he loves to pursue his passion for Cycling and Photography.

Like most youth he is conscious about environment and relies on multiple mobility solutions like Rapid Metro and Cycling for his daily work related commute. But he feels the need for a vehicle for his recreational trips and visiting family and friends in NCR.

Design a compact but multi-use vehicle for Sam!

Design Topic # 2

Design of Green Vehicle in year 2025

Kiais fashion designer with one of the leading garment firm in Mumbai. She is 28 years oldand lives with her parents and has adopted a girl child.

In her free-time she loves to pursue her passion for nature photography and trains for Indian classic music.

She needs a mobility solution and her first priority is a Green vehicle as she cares for environment.

Design agreen vehicle for Kia!

Important steps

  • Conduct a brief market / customer research of similar customer groups in order to understand their lifestyle requirements and future aspirations.
  • Come up with Industrial Design solution using, at the very minimum, Autodesk Fusion 360.
  • Students can also use any other Autodesk software for conceptualization, modelling, detailing, digital prototyping etc.
  • Entries need to show, not only the end product from various views, but also explain:
    • Why should they buy your proposed design
    • Clearly communicate the iconic design elements